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'Caring and Sharing' Challenge

Updated: May 10, 2021

Hari's World launches:

'Caring and Sharing Challenge'

Sharing safety knowledge is fundamental to the Hari’s World Child Safety Awareness Series. We recognize the dangers that children face in their everyday lives and the life changing unintentional injuries, which children can suffer from having inadequate knowledge or awareness of hazards all around them, hazards in the home, the road, the park, the beach, and many other everyday places.

Hari’s World works hard to raise as much awareness as possible for children, and adults through the 85 Hazards portrayed in the Hari’s World four book series, always with the aim of teaching children to ‘Play Safe … Not Sorry’. Hari’s World is kindly supporting Children with Cancer UK to help save even more young lives by funding vital research into childhood cancer.

Being unaware of what constitutes a hazard is a primary cause of unintentional injury amongst children. In keeping with our primary aim to raise safety awareness by children and adults, Hari’s World has laid down a Challenge to all Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Carers to engage with children, together spotting the 85 Hazards in our four books.

By Caring and Sharing knowledge and information about Safety Awareness through spotting the 85 hazards whilst following Hari and his friends on their fun-filled adventures, we can together guide children to ‘Play Safe … Not Sorry’ and avoid unintentional injury.

To promote take-up of our ‘Caring and Sharing Challenge’ Hari’s World has reduced the price of their 4-book set until commencement of the Autumn school term to also coincide with the annual community education campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) annual Child Safety Week, this year from 7th to 13th June, with the apt slogan ‘Share because you Care’.

The value of Sharing Safety Knowledge for saving lives was brought home to the mother of one-year-old Veda who swallowed a button battery. Mum had read about the danger in a friend’s post on her Facebook page and she rushed baby Veda to hospital where her life was saved.

So why not join with many others and take up the Hari’s World ‘Caring and Sharing Challenge’ at and claim your reward of a Hari Book Mark and a pack of 18 colourful Hari Book Labels. With every entry Hari’s World will donate £4 to Children with Cancer UK, the leading National Charity dedicated to research into childhood cancer.

Sue McGee

Managing Director

Hari’s World

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