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Acklington CE First School Hari Safety Day19 May 2013
“We would like to thank Hari’s World for a most wonderful day of readings and activities. Har...
Woodside Children's Nursery03 May 2013
The pre-school at Woodside Children's Nursery, Sleaford, have just read the OOPS Hari's book for ...

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Acklington Church of England First School10 Jun 2013
We were delighted with the whole Hari’s World Experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity ...

TristanMcGee is a children's author from the United Kingdom whose career was inspired by his passion for teaching children about safety. Prior to this, he served in the British Army for twelve years as an Infantry Officer.

As Chairman of the UK Child Safety Education Coalition, Tristan pioneered child safety education through interactive learning by developing a range of illustrated children's books and teaching resources.

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