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Teaching children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways!

The Hari’s World® unique range of books, SafetySacks and resources, featuring Hari® and Friends, teaches children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting  and imaginative ways!

Around the globe millions of children suffer accidental injury each year. Many accidents can be avoided if children are equipped with the basic skills required to identify and avoid hazards.

Through an imaginative blend of humour and role play Hari's® World brings Hari® the Elephant’s adventures to life for children, and delivers the positive message: ‘enjoy the freedom of play but … play safe and not sorry’.

Beautifully illustrated, Hari's® bright and colourful series of books, Safety Sacks® and resources allows teachers and parents to effortlessly engage children with easy story lines that are packed with fun, adventure and humour.

Hari's World® prides itself on its quality assurance, and ethical principles.

About The Authors

Tristan Sean McGee is a children's author from the United Kingdom whose writing is inspired by his passion for teaching children about safety. Prior to his involvement in Hari’s® World he served in the British Army for twelve years as an Infantry Officer.

Tristan Paul McGee is a Barrister whose professional practice enlightened him to the devastating life changing effects that unintentional injury can have on children and their families. His commitment to promoting safety awareness accounts for him donning Hari’s costume at numerous children’s events.  


The family team continue to pioneer child safety education through interactive learning and developing a range of illustrated children's books and teaching resources. Having completed the transcript for the fifth book, their aim is to translate the Hari's® World Series into other mother languages and adapt the material for different cultures so as to convey Hari’s® child safety awareness messages around the world.

Hari in Education

Teaching children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways!

Hari at Home

Help your children to become more aware of their surroundings with the 'Oops Hari' books. 

Love Hari

Bring Hari's World stories to life in your own home with toys and puppets of the characters.


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