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Acklington CE First School Hari Safety Day

“We would like to thank Hari’s World for a most wonderful day of readings and activities. Har...
Woodside Children's Nursery

The pre-school at Woodside Children's Nursery, Sleaford, have just read the OOPS Hari's book for ...

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Hari! SafetySack®
Hari at Home SafetySack® Hari at Home SafetySack®
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Acklington Church of England First School

We were delighted with the whole Hari’s World Experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity ...


Payment by 30 day invoice available to bona fide Schools, Nurseries and Educational Establishments.

or phone Sue McGee on 01768 486508 or email sjmcgee@harisworld.com


Buy 1 Safety Sack and get 10 1st Edition Books FREE OF CHARGE

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50 1st Edition Books FREE OF CHARGE

Buy the set of 3 SafetySacks: Oops Hari!, Hari at Home and Hari at the Beach at 20% Discount and receive 50 BOOKS FREE OF CHARGE to be used for gifts to children to take home, prizes for children, Summer Fairs WHATEVER YOUR CHOICE.

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Hari’s World would like to help all Junior Schools, Nurseries and Play Schools in their endeavours to promote Child Safety Awareness by giving children a first edition Hari's World Child Safety Awareness book Free of Charge to enjoy at school and at home.

Children love to learn and they do best when learning is Fun and Exciting! Hari's Books and SafetySacks deliver just that and are the ideal medium for conveying safety messages to children aged 3 to 7.

By children having their very own Hari Child Safety Book to cherish, enjoy and read over and again re-enforces important Safety Messages to take through their lives.

Hari's World SafetySacks are packed with fun for all … Books, Board Games, Plush Toys and Guides, all designed to drive home the subtle safety messages in Fun, Exciting and Imaginative ways.

Popular in schools, each SafetySack focuses on a different safety theme, providing an ideal way for children to learn how to "Play Safe Not Sorry".


National Child Safety Week 4th - 10th June 2018

Road Safety Week 21st - 27th Nov. 2018


Hari’s World® employs an imaginative blend of humour and role play to bring Hari the Elephant’s adventures to life for children, and deliver the positive message: ‘enjoy the freedom of play but … play safe and not sorry’.

The Hari’s World® unique range of books, SafetySacks and resources, featuring Hari and Friends, teaches children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting  and imaginative ways!

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