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How to get the most out of your SafetySack

o you've bought your first Hari's World SafetySack. Now, find out how to use the material to get the most from the Hari at Home SafetySack:

Hari's World educated children about safety awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways. The main character, Hari, is a cute bumbling elephant who, along with his friend Moe Mouse, children can identity with and love. Through association and repetition when reading the book, and by using the materials in the SafetySack, children will learn skills necessary to avoid accidents and unintended injury, and will carry these skills through their lives.

The books in the series are full of colour and humour. They are designed to teach children important about how to 'play safe and not sorry', while aiming to make them safe, resilient and independent in the world in which they live. The books also remind teachers and parents of the safety rules which they should impart to children. Reading Hari at Home with children will increase your confidence in dealing with children's safety.

The more you read the book and other books in the series to children, the greater understanding they will gain of how to avoid accidents and unintended injury.

Take a look at our 'Oops Hari SafetySack' and 'Hari at the Beach SafetySack'

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