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What is a SafetySack?

Hari's World have created some fantastic resources to educate families in child safety in a fun and engaging way.

SafetySack is a product of Hari's World. the foremost fully comprehensive and totally dedicated Child Safety Awareness brand. In the Oops Hari! book series, Hari and friends teach children about safety awareness in a fun, exciting, and imaginative way by using soft storylines and a cast of loveable characters.

SafetySack contains books, toys, and materials designed to improve children's knowledge and understanding of everyday risks and hazards, and to equip them with skills to avoid uninteded injury. Hand puppets bring the stories to life and engage the children, and SafetySack also reminds parents and teachers of safety rules for children.

Find out more today and buy your own Hari At Home SafetySack:

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