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Hari's Testimonials
Acklington Church of England First School

We were delighted with the whole Hari’s World Experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity ...
Keep Children Safe Download

To download our "Keep Children Safe" document, which highlights the key accidents which injure thousands of Under-5s on an annual basis. PLEASE CLICK HERE

Acklington CE First School Hari Safety Day

“We would like to thank Hari’s World for a most wonderful day of readings and activities. Hari's World was completely new to us so we didn't know quite what to expect and it actually sounded too perfect to be true but the day certainly lived up to all our hopes and expectations and I've had brilliant feedback from everyone who attended!”

On 8th May 2013 Hari & Friends presented a day of interactive readings and activities for the community Child Safety Project arranged by Acklington CE First School and supported by Lottery grant.