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Hari's Testimonials
Acklington Church of England First School

We were delighted with the whole Hari’s World Experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity ...
Keep Children Safe Download

To download our "Keep Children Safe" document, which highlights the key accidents which injure thousands of Under-5s on an annual basis. PLEASE CLICK HERE

Woodside Children's Nursery

The pre-school at Woodside Children's Nursery, Sleaford, have just read the OOPS Hari's book for the first time.

They then coloured in some of the pictures from the website and talked about the different hazards on their pictures. When asked what Haris should do when crossing the road? Matthew aged 3 replied, "He's suppose to look left and right".

The staff were impressed by the amount of conversation it brought out in the children. We are now making a display based round Ooops Hari. Great resource, thanks, To all at Woodside Nursery - So glad Hari's World made a difference.

Best Wishes from the Hari Team