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Acklington CE First School Hari Safety Day

“We would like to thank Hari’s World for a most wonderful day of readings and activities. Har...
Woodside Children's Nursery

The pre-school at Woodside Children's Nursery, Sleaford, have just read the OOPS Hari's book for ...
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To download our "Keep Children Safe" document, which highlights the key accidents which injure thousands of Under-5s on an annual basis. PLEASE CLICK HERE

Meet The Characters

Meet the Characters


Hello I’m Hari. In my book series I bumble around having lots of fun with my friends but I do some silly things where I could hurt myself. When my friends shout ‘Oops Hari!’ it helps me to learn how to ‘Play Safe and not Sorry.’ And because I’m an elephant I never forget.

Moe the mouse

Hi, I’m Moe, Hari’s best friend. I try and keep Hari safe but sometimes he just doesn’t listen and then we both get into trouble!

Max the dog

‘Grrrrrr’, I like to play all of the time and I love getting up to mischief. I hide away from Hari and Moe and I run about barking. Sometimes my antics get all three of us into trouble.

Sting the bee

I live in Hari’s garden with my large family. I can pester Hari and his friends but mainly I mind my own business. Until that is I get annoyed and then ‘Watch Out!’

Burnie the toaster

I am a friendly toaster but when making toast I put on an angry face because I get very hot and don’t want Hari touching me.

Whistler the kettle

I love to boil water and make steam and whistle loudly. I make an angry face when I’m switched on to warn Hari not to touch me because I am very hot and could scald him.

Dusty the vacuum cleaner

When I’m cleaning Hari’s home I ask him to be careful not to trip on my long lead, which is plugged into the electric socket. But Hari doesn’t always listen!

Scorch the iron

When I’m ironing Hari’s sheets I get very hot and don’t like him getting close to me so I put on an angry face. I don’t like my electric lead trailing on the floor because Hari can trip on it.

Potsy the pan

I love making hot food but am happier when I am on the back plate of the cooker and my handle is not pointing forward. I get really angry when I am on the front plate.

Blade the lawnmower

I cut the grass so that Hari and his friends can all have fun playing on the lawn but Hari must stay away from me because my blades are very sharp!

BB the BBQ

I am such a good cook and I love making Hari and his friends lots of healthy food but they must remember to stay away because I get very hot indeed!