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Acklington CE First School Hari Safety Day

“We would like to thank Hari’s World for a most wonderful day of readings and activities. Har...
Woodside Children's Nursery

The pre-school at Woodside Children's Nursery, Sleaford, have just read the OOPS Hari's book for ...

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Acklington Church of England First School

We were delighted with the whole Hari’s World Experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity ...
Keep Children Safe Download

To download our "Keep Children Safe" document, which highlights the key accidents which injure thousands of Under-5s on an annual basis. PLEASE CLICK HERE

About Us

About The Author

TristanMcGee is a children's author from the United Kingdom whose career was inspired by his passion for teaching children about safety. Prior to this, he served in the British Army for twelve years as an Infantry Officer.

Tristan continues to pioneer child safety education through interactive learning, developing a range of illustrated children's books and teaching resources. Tristan has translated the Hari's World series into other languages and adapted his material for different cultures to transport Hari’s messages of child safety awareness around the world.


About Hari’s World®

The Hari’s World® unique range of books, SafetySacks and resources, featuring Hari and Friends, teaches children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting  and imaginative ways! Universally several million children suffer accidental injury each year. Many accidents can be avoided if children are equipped with the basic skills required to identify and avoid hazards.

Through an imaginative blend of humour and role play Hari’s World® brings Hari the Elephant’s adventures to life for children, and delivers the positive message: ‘enjoy the freedom of play but … play safe and not sorry’.

Beautifully illustrated, Hari's bright and colourful series of books, SafetySacks and resources allows teachers and parents to effortlessly engage children with easy story lines that are packed with fun, adventure and humour.

Hari’s World® is synonymous with safety, family values, trust and integrity and displays a strong moral component.

Fun, exciting and imaginative, there is a SafetySack® for every title in the Hari’s World series. Accompanied by a cast of loveable plush characters, each SafetySack® is filled with Books, Games, Puzzles, Activity Boards, an Activity Guide and a Teacher and Parent Guide, all purposefully designed to bring to life the stories and instil in children the message of Safety Awareness.

Follow Hari and ‘Spot the Hazards’ at home, the beach, along the road, in the park and many more places. Laugh while you learn, and shout ‘Oops Hari!’ when he does something silly!!!

Loved by Children and embraced by Teachers and Parents for the subtle safety messages woven into every adventure Hari’s World® and SafetySack® is a unique teaching resource that makes a life saving difference!
Hari’s World® prides itself on its quality assurance, relevance, ethics and ensuring that our clients receive value for money.